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For many companies that want to go online, building your website is a costly investment that continues to use your resources on an ongoing basis. This is not necessary if you insist that your web designer use WordPress as your content management system (CMS) when they develop your site.

WordPress was initially designed as a platform for blogging, but since then it has evolved into much more. You are no longer limited to blogging using this software. With the popularity of this open-source software (free of charge), developers have begun to create plug-ins or add-ins to improve features and performance. Software developers have expanded the capabilities of the software by including in it the ability to do almost anything you could ever want in this system.

Thanks to the use of custom themes and plug-ins, you can now create a whole site with several functions using WordPress. You can use it to create membership sites, shopping carts and article directories, as well as photo galleries, classified advertising sites and just about any other type of site that you can imagine; and yes, even a blog.

What makes WordPress better than a holiday?

In my opinion, there are two main reasons why WordPress is the best choice for your site.

Comfortable. Even the most technologically sophisticated person can maintain updates to their website using this software. If you can enter an email or use Microsoft Word, you can create pages and messages in WordPress. This is important because, in today’s online world, a completely static website (one that rarely changes) will sit at the bottom of the barrel when it comes to placing a search engine. Search engines today appreciate the fresh content, and you should strive to constantly add new information to your site. Without the ability to do this yourself, you will receive a rather hefty bill from your web designer every month. Using WordPress will reduce the monthly operating costs of your site and improve your return on investment. You still need your designer to refresh the look of your site again and again, but this will only be done on a periodic basis as needed.

Search system. For some reason, search engines love the WordPress platform. Again and again, they excel any other CMS or static HTML sites in the search engines. I suspect that this is due to the nature of the software, with the ability to regularly add new content, and also because SEO is built-in and added through plug-ins. In WordPress, you can very easily include advanced SEO for every single page and publication on the site without having to know any HTML code.

Why is even WordPress considered as software for creating websites? Well, I can think of three great reasons:

Easy to use – WordPress is one of the easiest and user-friendly programs. You do not need any special knowledge, such as HTML or CSS, to create a website when using WordPress.

Built-in tools. All the tools needed to create your site are built-in. Tools such as page editor, SEO (search engine optimization), built-in video and audio, e-commerce and an incredible set of tools available through plug-ins (most of them are FREE!) Make this program very formidable.

Friendliness of the search engine – search engines like blogs because of the “freshness” of information. With all available SEO plug-ins, you can optimize your site without being an SEO-guru.

Only these two reasons must take your decision without problems. A website that is easily maintained and search engine friendly ensures that your business website will have the best possible benefits. All you need to do is add content.


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